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Updated Covid Directive

Author:  Derek McKenna

Published:  9 months ago

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Dear Secretary

Following a meeting of the full committee of the Leinster Senior League the following will replace the COVID directive issued in August 2021.

From Tuesday the 11th of January 2022 any Team not able to fulfil a fixture must stand down that Team only for 7 days.

No training is permitted for the affected players.

No friendlies are allowed for the Team that has stood down.

Teams should do everything they can to fulfil fixtures as it will only mean later in the season they will have to play several midweek games to catch up.

The Leinster Senior League will be tracking the Teams who persistently call off games and these Teams will be dealt with under the current Rules.

We all have a personal responsibility to keep safe and once we clear the next few weeks hopefully the number of cases will settle down.

Stay Safe

David Moran

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